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Users Voice

My skin feels refreshed, it’s shining.
No matter how tired I am, MACHIKO cosmetics always bring me back to my best condition the next day. I am thankful for this wonderful encounter.
I was surprised by how much the MACHIKO soap foams up. My skin feels more refreshed the more I use it. Thank you.
I like the feeling of the silky bubbles.
I enjoyed the smooth feeling on my skin. I also like the simple system.
The next day, my make-up goes on well.
I can feel it permeating my skin. I feel bouncy.
It expands well so only a small amount is needed. It is surprisingly economical.
It uses a lot of fullerene so I am looking forward to the benefits!
My skin felt completely different the next morning. My makeup goes on beautifully.
After using the MACHIKO cosmetics, my skin felt much softer and smoother than before!
I was impressed by how long the foam lasts.
My skin feels refreshed and moist.
It bubbles up well and washes away easily.
The feeling of the soap is amazing. It feels like I am washing with cream. But it’s so refreshing at the same time.


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